CartiCol® (Undenatured Chicken Collagen Peptide Type II)

CartiCol® (Undenatured Chicken Collagen Type II)

With the aging population and increasing welfare across the planet, we face new health challenges. Joint problems as a result of arthritis are one, and in the Netherlands alone, it already affects approximately two million adults. Imaginable what an effect this disease has worldwide...The answer is CartiCol®; This undentured collagen type II (UCC-II) food supplement helps in avoiding collagen degradation in the joints, that is the explanation for cartilage damage, resulting in joint rigidity and ache.

 Hence, avoidance of collagen poverty means avoidance of arthritis-related pain and immobility. CartiCol® as a food supplement prevents arthritis-related rigidity and ache, improving mobility.

Choose CartiCol®, an undenatured collagen type II food supplement, that is effective in treating both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, as studies show.

Undenatured type II collagen: a powerful arthritis remedy

A suitable diet, abundant with specific nutrients, may help prevent or ease arthritis symptoms. However, with today's over-processed foods and manipulated agricultural products, essential nutrients are lost. Therefore, alternative medicines for arthritis are essential which are both better and cheaper. Nutraceuticals are good alternative medicines to take care of arthritis, as scientific studies show. Undentured collagen type II, taken in the proper execution of a pill (oral administration of a food supplement much like CartiCol®), works well for the treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

About collagen, joints, and cartilage

CartiCol® is most reliable for regeneration of cartilage, prevention of joint damage and finally arthritis. To be able to understand just why this really is, we provide some scientific background information below.

Thirty percent of the proteins inside our body are collagen that is the foundation of cartilage, tendons, organs, skin, and blood vessels. You will find 22 kinds of collagen. Type I, predominantly within your skin, and type II in the cartilage of joints, is the absolute most abundant.

In the joints, where continuous abrasion of cartilage occurs, regeneration is necessary for particular. The human body, however, has an all-natural ability for restoration. The potency of this mechanism is determined by the way to obtain the best food components. Multiple studies prove that, by the ingestion of undenatured chicken collagen type II, this natural convenience of restoration improves significantly (see references). CartiCol® can be an undenatured chicken collagen type II product in optima forma.

The ability of CartiCol®

CartiCol® helps to prevent inflammatory reactions and stimulates regeneration of cartilage and it reduces joint rigidity and aches. The main benefit is that indentured collagen type II works at a really low dosage of 30mg/day and has a resistant modulate component of it. Therefore, it's much far better than hydrolyzed collagen products, which only provide blocks for cartilage at a higher dose of 10 grams/day.

CartiCol® contains approximately 40% indentured collagen type II, that's 100% intact. Which means that your body will hydrolyze the collagen to functional peptides, inducing oral tolerance? CartiCol® also incorporates >10% chondroitin, necessary for flexibility of the cartilage. The chicken sternum material used for production is sourced exclusively from Dutch EU-registered slaughterhouses. The safety of undentured collagen type II has been extensively examined and demonstrated in a variety of studies.