Quillaja Extract

Garuda FOAMEXTM Quillaja has been utilized in a number of products for quite some time with consistent results. Garuda FOAMEXTM Quillaja powder won't impart along with or taste that's common in a great many other commercially available Quillaja products.
FOAMEXTM Quillaja Extract Powder may be used to prepare natural shampoos and foaming cosmetics or liquid soaps. Natural fruit & vegetable washing soaps are a new application. Quillaja’s natural antibacterial and antifungal properties have enhanced several new products. In the beverage industry, FOAMEXTM Quillaja extract is used to prepare root beer, slush products, frozen carbonated beverages, foamy cocktail mixes, beer, juice & wine coolers. It is especially useful for maintaining natural foaming in low alcohol and no-alcohol beers. The Ultra refined Quillaja has long been used by the health industry in the U.S.A. as an adjuvant in increasing effectiveness of both injected and oral vaccines.

Key Benefits

  • High saponin content ensures foaming
  • Considered an all-natural foaming agent
  • Also noted for its cleansing detergent properties
  • Each batch undergoes stringent testing
  • Can be utilized in the manufacturing of shampoos
  • Also employed for foaming cosmetics
  • Utilized in beverages and a number of drinks
  • Used to displace harsh chemicals in toothpaste
  • Preservative Free

Main Ramifications of Quillaja Saponins

  • Reduced amount of surface tension
  • Formation of persistent foam
  • Saponin-cholesterol complexes
  • Reduced amount of Ammonia
  • FOAMEXTM Quillaja extract is an all-natural foaming agent and mild surfactant full of saponins. It is good for replacing synthetic harsh surfactants such as for instance sodium lauryl sulfate and others, Currently utilized in the organic form of toothpaste and shampoos.

Characteristics & Stability

Quillaja Extract powder is really a spray dried buff-colored powder. Garuda FOAMEXTM Quillaja Extract Powder features a shelf life in excess of a couple of years without a loss in foaming ability or product integrity.

QUEXT100 - Powdered Extract

Undoubtedly Garuda's hottest Quillaja extract. The product is utilized in the foodstuff in addition to the cosmetic industry. Other industries that seek this ingredient will be the agricultural and industrial industries. The product is regularly stocked.

QUSAPR70 & QUSAPR20 (Ultra Filtered - Powdered Extract)

Garuda also provides an Ultra filtered & refined Quillaja QUSAPR20 & QUSAPR70 a pharmaceutical grade Quillaja with an increased saponin content. The product is manufactured on order.

QUILIQEX - Liquid Extract

Garuda also supplies a liquid extract also suited to the food/beverage industry in addition to other agricultural application. Manufactured goods are packaged in 55 gals artificial drum and shipped in palletized 4 beat minimums and manufactured on order.